A Promotion for Photographers Worth Checking Out!

Yes, I’m a SmugMug fan and they’re also a partner in the SCU project, but nobody asked me to share this with my readers. I’m doing it, because we don’t laugh enough anymore and this is all about a bunch of good friends of mine who refuse to take life too seriously. We’re so wrapped up in dealing with our businesses that when a company comes along with a sense of humor we miss it! We walk right by it.

Well, I caught this video yesterday and it simply cracked me up. First of all, I’ve got goggles for Molly the Wonder Dog, just need the bike and the side car! Second, it’s a great idea and in an industry that’s buried in contests with only a few winners, here’s a chance for everybody to win.

It’s a great idea and even better is to think about how you’d do a promotion of your own to a target of clients in the community. We’re a business run heavily on referrals and it’s a service related business too. What could you do with your own referral program?

So, check it out and then hit the button for the promo page at the end of the video or below and get yourself signed up, so you can benefit from SmugMug’s Refer a Friend Promotion!


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