I LOVE my Network!

It’s Saturday morning and in all honesty, while often I know exactly what I want to post and write about, this morning I’m just feeling grateful for having an amazing group of people who watch my back and in turn allow me to help them.  Twenty years ago if you had a good network it simply meant you had a big stack of business cards. Today, thanks to social media, the world is a smaller place and we’re able to help each other much faster than once a year when we’d get together at a convention.

This past week at ShutterFest my network grew a little more. I met a lot of new photographers and got in more quality time with them than I get at one of the big conventions. There’s something to be said for a smaller, boutique conference. You get time to really talk and get to know people better. It’s all about quality time.

So, on this sunny, gorgeous Saturday morning (as buddy Joe Farace might tweet) I want to thank my network. That’s right, the whole group of you. You’re always there when I need help. You give me new ideas on marketing and business and on those days when I just can’t seem to figure out what direction to go, you help me focus.  You simply inspire me.

And to a new member of the “family” who wrote, “
We are not anybody in this industry right now…” remember one thing. You’re ALWAYS somebody in this industry.  The industry is filled with people who are just starting out. What’s most important isn’t the skill set you’re working to develop, but the passion you have for quality, integrity and friendship. You’re a key part of an amazing industry and I’m excited to have a couple of new friends in my network!

Wishing everybody a terrific weekend! As always, find the time for friends, hug somebody special in your life and don’t think about work. It’ll all be there on Monday!

Illustration Credit: © -Dragun- – Fotolia.com

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