Pricing, Advertising, Marketing and Film…What a week!

This past week was pretty remarkable and while I don’t usually do summary posts, there were a few posts I wish I could get everybody to read. If you missed it, just click on the image and you’ll get the full post.


Pricing: A couple of months ago a young Canadian photographer started a blog, Sprouting Photographer. I’m amazed at Bryan Caporicci’s insight and his SCU guest post on pricing is one of the most in depth explanations I’ve read to date. As photographers it’s always the biggest mystery – how to price your product. It’s a great post and one of those topics I wish everybody would pay more attention to!

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Facebook and Advertising: Virtually all of you are using social media to promote your business and are confused about the changing landscape at Facebook. Blake Sunshine worked for Facebook for three years.  In this special guest post, already one of the most read in SCU history, Blake starts to address some of the challenges. You’re going to be hearing a lot more from her, but in the mean time read her first post on the topic and start fine-tuning your approach. Facebook is an amazing tool, but you’ve got to use it right.

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Your Current Customer Base: It was Marketing Byte 108 and it hits the challenge of paying more attention to your past clients. Even as a wedding photographer, just because their wedding is over doesn’t mean they don’t have other friends who will be getting married. You’ve got to put a serious effort into relationship building and utilize their enthusiasm for your work as a foundation to turn them into ambassadors for your skill set!

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Back to Film: And just to get us back to our roots, thanks to Tamron USA, Liz Huston took us back to Peru traveling only with film from her “double secret stash” in the fridge! If this is your first time getting to know Liz, check out her first guest post where she candidly talked about burn-out and what it took to rediscover her creative spirit!

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday weekend…hug somebody special!  For those of you headed to ShutterFest in St. Louis, see you Monday night and safe travels!

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