Profoto Releases First Firmware Upgrade for the B1 Off-Camera Flash and AirTTL System Enabling TTL Metering With Canon’s EOS-1DX

While most of the content on the SCU site is about business and marketing, we’re big fans of changes in technology and especially Profoto’s new B1 flash. In fact, we were one of the first blogs to be able to share the original introduction video along with a podcast with Richard Walch, the photographer and filmmaker, who’s work is featured in the introduction. Watching him light an entire quarry with a couple of B1’s is pretty remarkable.

This morning’s announcement on the B1 is another example of Profoto’s intent to simply NEVER stand still and it’s just one of many new additions coming in 2014.

When launched in November 2013, the Profoto B1 off-camera flash caused such a buzz in the photographic community that the company’s website crashed. The words “game changer” have appeared in reviews and forums ever since!

The TTL metering is made possible with Profoto’s patent-pending AirTTL system. Already at launch Profoto promised to continuously upgrade the AirTTL system. One of the most frequently requested features is TTL metering with Canon’s flagship model: the Canon EOS-1D X. Today, this feature is made available free of charge through an easily installed firmware upgrade. But note that it is not the B1 off-camera flash itself that needs to be upgraded; it is the small radio transmitter that is mounted on the Canon camera’s hot shoe: the Air Remote TTL-C.

The complete announcement, including the process for installing the upgrade, is just a click away!


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