“Hump Day” – More than the middle of the week!

I just saw a post on Facebook where somebody cheered because it’s Wednesday already. A few people laughed and commented, but honestly, I haven’t counted down the days to the weekend since I washed bottles in the lab at Polaroid in the 70’s and couldn’t wait to get off work for two days. For most of you I don’t think Wednesdays have any deep emotional meaning.  For those of you who are actually excited that the week is half over, it might be time to change career paths, because you’re sure not enjoying the one you’re on.

For me, on this Wednesday, I find myself excited about all the things that have happened over the last week. I want to share a few links with you. They’re all about things you might have missed. I want to tie in their relevance to the fact that March is almost over, technically bringing the “slow season” to a close.

“Mind Your Own Business” kicked off this week and this first Google+ Hangout to help you with marketing and business is up on YouTube. Between the three of us, Rich Harrington, Tamara Lackey and me, we hit some great ideas to help you put some strength into your existing data base of customers before you start chasing new ones. Just remember you’re past clients are your best ambassadors, but you’ve got to keep in touch and build those relationships. Circle the Date: The next Hangout is on April 28!

There are now four Marketing Bytes in the pipeline with a new one coming each Monday. These are just short reminders of things you can easily fix to build more strength into your presence online and in the community.

A new episode of “Walk Through a Wedding” comes up every two weeks for the rest of the year. The newest one is all about capturing details on the dress. Justin and Mary Marantz, in just under three minutes, even give you tips on how to light it! Plus, I was able to get them to stand still just long enough for a new podcast, all thanks to Profoto USA.

Last week I wrote my first sort of technical post as X-rite launched ColorTRUE. It’s a free download and the cost for a Colormunki, depending on which one you purchase, is so reasonable and will finally get the images you show on your iPad or mobile device looking consistent. But, one of the features I enjoy the most is seeing how images are going to look on different printing devices. The truth is, it was a milestone for me because I’m the low-tech poster child of this industry. I’ve suggested they change their tag line to: ‘If Skip can do it, anybody can!”

There are now 18 posts in Luminary Corner from Panasonic’s Luminary team. This is an incredibly diverse group of artists and a new post goes up every Monday.

March is recruitment month at Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. There are some amazing guest posts with this week’s from Cliff Lawson, President of the organization. This post from Cliff was pretty amazing, because he did a great job of sharing the fears he had initially in getting involved.
The link to contact NILMDTS is in the post.

Okay, so back to the issue about Wednesday being such a big deal – for me this week it’s another great day, but with so much going on at SCU, instead of the week being half over, I need a longer week.

Make it a great day and with the clock ticking down on the end of “slow season” this is the perfect time to stop procrastinating on something you’ve wanted to accomplish with your business, your site, your blog or maybe just catching up to old friends and associates. Just remember time is your most valuable commodity – don’t waste it!

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.
Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

Carl Sandburg
Illustration Credit: © iQoncept – Fotolia.com

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