Sunday Morning Reflections – One More Trip Down Memory Lane

I was having some fun wandering through YouTube looking for things I’ve missed about photography and also looking for content for Well, meet my new hero, Ben Aaron.

Ben is a reporter for NBC in New York with an outstanding sense of humor. The first video I found was a group of his friends from the Senior Center in Fairlawn doing a remake of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. Digging a little further I found this classic from last week, the 30th Anniversary of FootLoose.

Here’s the deal – I always stray off course on Sunday mornings and while this has little to do with photography, it is about storytelling. It’s also about putting your heart into everything you do, even those moments when you just want to make people smile.

Even though it was on YouTube and I probably could have just posted it, I wrote to Ben for permission. His answer when I asked is what makes him a great reporter,

                       “Great! I appreciate it! I hope they enjoy the madness, as much as I enjoyed making it!”

Follow Ben on Twitter and check out his Facebook page to stay on top of things he’s working on. You won’t be disappointed.


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