Sunday Morning Reflections: Need a little help…

Many of you know that two and a half years ago Sheila and I moved to Sarasota from Akron, Ohio. The reason was my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s and the challenges it put it on my Dad, then 88. We eventually lost the battle and Mom passed away last June, but in the process Dad and I started going to a Thursday morning support group for caregivers at the Friendship Centers here in Sarasota.
It’s an amazing group of people and I found my own little niche in helping them increase awareness for all the wonderful things they do for the adult senior community. We started with “Ten Minutes With Paula” a podcast for caregivers. Then came some social media support and now we’re starting to get a little momentum.

Here’s where I need your help.

  • On Facebook, please like their page. We’re coming up on 800 and I’d love to get them up over 1000 over the next few weeks. While the page right now looks like it’s all local events, I’m helping them work on better content. Over the next few weeks you’ll see a lot of solid links to information on aging with dignity, nutrition, health, dementia, caregiving, etc. So, if you’ve got aging family members, we’re about to establish a resource to help you stay informed, no mater where you are in the world.


  • Later this coming week, we’re launching a new blog, again with great content and information all tied to helping people age with dignity, part of their charter.

  • And who knows, you might just hear about a few photo seminars tied back into the Friendship Centers! They have an ongoing photo exhibit that really shows some nice work and the facility itself is perfect for small workshops.


I know it looks pretty luxurious for a Senior Center, but they’re a full non-profit and the center was built with funding from the community. The challenge is to keep it running and keep expanding their services to the community. For the full range of everything they do for seniors, check out the website.

Just need your help getting the word out…this is an amazing group of people and I feel so fortunate to be working with them.

Thanks for your help!


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