No Apologies and No Excuses…



by Skip Cohen

I know I’m going to sound like I’m trying to do Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy from the old SNL routine, but here it is: the brain is an amazing thing!  Deep right?

I was looking at some websites this week and was a little surprised at how many photographers compromised to fill up space.  Yes, lots of images are important, but not if any of them are less than your best work.  I actually found myself wondering about how their brains and actions actually connect.  What gave them the “okay” signal to post those images, when even Uncle Harry wouldn’t try and pawn them off as professional?

When I was a kid I had a red mustang and I was trying to sell it.  It had a fairly big dent in the door, but I didn’t want to bother fixing it. Everybody that looked at the car loved it, but not the dent. My Dad finally took the keys from me, got the dent fixed and sold the car for $200 more than I was asking.  He sat me down and gave me a life lesson I’ve never forgotten, Whatever it is your selling, don’t apologize for anything!”

Think about how that applies to business.  Whether you’re showing images to sell your photographic services or a house for that matter – don’t compromise. Don’t show people anything that would require an apology or an explanation as to why it’s not your very best work.

If it’s a lousy image, don’t show it! Never show less than your very best work.  Never compromise on quality.  Most important of all, be consistent in everything you deliver!
“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” Ansel Adams

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