Artists You Should Know in Photography



by Skip Cohen

There’s been a lot of nice feedback on the SCU podcasts and some really great suggestions. A common request has been to make them more “how-to” in their core content and that’s just what we’re going to start doing.

This first podcast in the new direction is with Matthew Jordan Smith. Matthew shares his experiences so far on his book project, Future Presidents and includes thoughts on using Kickstarter for the funding, the challenges of photographing in all fifty states, balancing his time and the pure joy of turning a dream into reality.

It’s a great podcast with a lot of helpful suggestions for taking your own special projects to the next level.

The book is anticipated to be out in October of 2014, but in preparation for the official launch he had some fun creating this short video. What a kick it is to be a part of this project and watch Matthew’s vision unfold! Interested in checking out more of Matthew’s work? Visit the project site, Matthew’s own site or Matthew’s extensive Profoto videos here at SCU.


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