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Tamara Young, Scott Bourne, Kate Pease, Ara Roselani, Clay Blackmore, Skip Cohen and Sheila Cohen taken by Michael Jordan at the 2013 THRIVE Conference.

…and now for something completely different!

by Skip Cohen

Hopefully I’m not the only one old enough to remember that quote from the Monty Python series…

Two weeks ago we announced the first one day workshop in the 2014 series, THRIVE.  You’ve got a lot to choose from when it comes to education.  This is the perfect time to explain what we’re doing our best to accomplish. What makes THRIVE different from all the other workshops out there?

I’m tired of programs you look forward to, attend, then return to the challenges of life and business with pages of notes that never seem to get read again. So, instead of a one day program, March 2, THRIVE actually has four segments.  On December 9, January 13 and February 10 we’re going to do three online interactive webinars exclusively for the attendees registered for the March 2 event. These programs will NOT be the usual one way presentations. In fact, we’re going to do our best to keep the presentation part to just 15 minutes for each session and spend the next 45 minutes answering your questions. You’ll have a chance to submit questions in advance and we’ll take a few live questions during the session.

THRIVE Online will take place from 9:00 – 10:00 PM EST on each date and attendees will receive information on how to join before the end of November. Speakers for each online program will be me and Scott for at least one of them and then depending on the nature of the questions submitted, we’ll bring in some of the best experts on business and marketing in the industry.

This is about marketing and building your brand and we’re going to concentrate on as much custom programming as we can work into each event. By March 2, when we meet live in Las Vegas, attendees will already have a solid foundation to build on.  We want each attendee to leave with a starting blueprint for their marketing plan for the rest of 2014.

We’ll be discussing cross-promoting with other vendors, expanding your reach in your community, building a more effective website and blog, pricing, closing the sale and self-promotion.  We want to role play and help you through some of your toughest challenges and help attendees build the confidence they need to be a success.
The challenge in building a successful business has a lot to do with the strength of your network and we’re going to be part of your team to help you THRIVE – not just survive!  

Register now and take advantage of the $79 early bird registration.

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