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Tomorrow morning I’m doing a presentation at ShootNYC, a special two day workshop sponsored by Hasselblad. Actually, it’s far more than just sponsored by Hasselblad. It is Hasselblad!

In 90 minutes I’m going to pack in as much information as I can to help attendees better focus on the goals for their blog. A good blog can help you build business, but a bad one, that isn’t thought out, can actually drive business away.

The big difference between your blog and your website is simply, your blog is about your heart, while your website is what you sell. A great blog can help you build a strong brand, enhance awareness for special projects and give you stronger reach into the community. It can drive traffic to your website, your email address and your phone. The best thing is that it’s really not rocket science. You need to respect the science behind obtaining great reach, but you don’t have to understand every aspect of it – just stay focused on good organic content and be patient. If you build it they WILL come!

If you can join me and the crew at ShootNYC, terrific.  Hasselblad has received an amazing response with over 2500 people already registered. This program is destined to be a kick and one with an outstanding list of speakers and program topics.

But, there’s a sidebar to my enthusiasm.  I’m probably most excited about returning to my roots and working with a team of professionals who have the same commitment to education the Hasslelblad team had when I was there. They’re working hard to help you build a stronger business and skill set.  Just the fact that this two day workshop is FREE, says a lot about where Hasselblad and Broncolor are focusing their energy and how they’ve made your growth a priority.

See you in NYC!


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