Sunday Morning Reflections: Back to the Future?



I want one of those days we had as kids where we just hung out all day, looked for shapes in the clouds and pretty much did nothing!

by Skip Cohen

I’ve written about topics like this more than once in the past…

At the risk of sounding like I’m older than dirt, I might as well confess, I miss the kind of Sundays we had when I was a kid.  NOTHING was open!  No banks, no supermarkets, no Target, Macy’s or malls.  Even gas stations were closed.

For those of you in the younger crowd that might seem like it’s incredibly inconvenient, but it forced us all to take a break.  My Dad didn’t do anything except hang out with the family and at least in the summer time, we wound up at my grandmother’s for a barbecue.  Relatives from Cleveland would make the long pilgrimage (all of 27 miles) out to visit, just as the burgers were coming off the grill.  Somehow my relatives knew exactly how to time it so thye’d arrive just as the sweet corn was coming out of the pot!

For most people a quiet relaxing Sunday had nothing to do with religious beliefs, it was simply a day of rest, because you had no other choices.  Nothing was open and in fact, of the three TV stations, on at least one of them, nothing was even on until after 7:00 am!

So, let’s start a trend – just a small one. Let’s get everybody we know to return to family values on Sundays.  We’re just going to enjoy our family, read a book, leave the TV off until noon – forget about whatever it is we absolutely had to get done today.  We’re just going to kick back and chill – smile more than we frown and make it a great day!

…It’s almost impossible to do, since I’m already here “working” and writing my blog, determined not to miss a day, but it can be done and we can all get off this trend of being obsessed with our own self-importance.  So, don’t just make it another Sunday – make it a great one!  Enjoy your family and remember all the work you need to do will still be there on tomorrow morning.

You’ve earned the right to a break – so make the most of it and at the end of day  I hope everybody can look themselves in the mirror and simply say, “Wow, I didn’t do a stinkin’  thing today!”

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