The Dumbest Thing a Photographer Can Do…



by Skip Cohen

Okay, we could argue if this is the dumbest thing a photographer can do, but regardless, it’s certainly in the top ten!  Sadly, it’s not a new topic. I’ve written about it before, but I’m going to hit it again, because I just heard another horror story.

Every year at every convention there’s at least one story about somebody who lost their gear and wasn’t adequately insured. So, I’m taking one more shot at reminding you of one of the dumbest mistakes any photographer can make, being under-insured.

A few years ago at WPPI an attendee had all her camera gear disappear.  A year before that a photographer had a couple of lenses “walk” out of his camera bag.  I’ve heard story after story of cameras left out at a wedding venue disappearing.  We live in a world that doesn’t always work the way it should and we can at least ease the pain and sleep better at night knowing we’ve got the right insurance.

Newbies!  Your home insurance doesn’t cover your gear when it’s being used for commercial use.  This would include gear left in your car in your own driveway if your car was broken into. (Yes, that’s already happened to at least one photographer I know.)

Seasoned Veterans!  When was the last time you updated your policy? Throughout the year you may have added new lenses, camera bodies, a computer, iPad, printer etc. At the very least, check with your insurance agent and make sure your policy is up to date.

BEFORE you hit the road for your next series of conventions or just the next local assignment, check to make sure your insurance is up to date! Let’s scratch lost or stolen gear off the list of potentially painful events in your life!

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