When Ordinary Objects Become Extraordinary!



Yesterday I was talking with my good buddy, Bob Coates. We’ve been friends for a long time and as I look back on his work over the years, I think he’s creating some of the most stunning images of his entire career as a photographer and artist.

A few of his images have been included in guest posts here on the SCU site. They’re worth going back to enjoy.

Well, he’s doing a lot of exciting things with Panasonic’s GX7 and is a member of their Luminary team.  I’d heard about a little project he took on while teaching a program in Michigan. He had decided to use anything he found on the way to the conference to create art.

Well, it was a rusted paper clip that caught his eye and he was determined to demonstrate that anything could be turned into art with the right skill set! He finished with a standing ovation – perhaps the highest compliment any artist can receive from their peers!  Skip Cohen

On his blog he wrote: 

I just came back from doing a program in Michigan for the Professional Photographers of Michigan. The program was on my ‘Photo – Synthesis’ system of creating art from photographic images. When I do these programs I always try to use images from the area that were captured within the 24 hour period before the program begins. This time I thought I’d give myself a really strong challenge. I wandered around the parking lot with my LumixGX7 and found a paper clip in the parking lot that had been weathered and run over by cars and was bent and just a (beautiful) mess. And I made the attempt to create art from said paperclip. There was also a stone fountain out front with a lot of different slate plates that I was able to photograph to gather textures. When I announced to the class what I was going to do I saw looks of horror, bewilderment and just plain disbelief.

I continued anyway.

About one third of the way through the program I started to feel that maybe I had made a mistake. I wasn’t sure this was going to be successful… I persevered. Everyone had an opportunity to see the thought process as I work towards creating artistic images from simple objects.

Images by Bob Coates. All Rights Reserved.

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