Hybrid Technology – Don’t let it pass you by!

by Skip Cohen

One of the most fun things about doing a workshop like SCU’s summer session is our ability to change programming as the needs of the market change. Nothing could be more obvious than the excitement being created by hybrid technology. So, we’ve changed Suzette Allen’s two day Photoshop workshop to two one day Hybrid workshops – take your pick, but don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best artists in the industry.

Suzette‘s description for the new program says it all…

We will learn the core skills of creating Hybrid eProducts: terms, shooting techniques, technical settings, template use, equipment and audio gear. Then we will shoot video and stills for an eProduct. (Talking business cards, or engagement/grad cards, etc). Next we will take the videos, edit with Lightroom, export and then create products with eTemplates (auto edited) and ProShows with Photodex, and then an optional custom version with Photoshop CS6.

Take a look at the holiday card below. Is there any client who wouldn’t be ecstatic over a product like this? Now think about all the other applications where a skillset like this might apply!

Check out more short videos, each with a different application on Suzette Allen’s video page here at SCU.


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