Future Presidents – An Amazing Project

by Skip Cohen

Ever heard about a project and said to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, get ready gang, because Future Presidents is just one of those projects.

I couldn’t be more excited for my good buddy and SCU’s Dean of Portraiture, Matthew Jordan Smith. Last night he and Nozomi launched their Kickstarter program to raise the funds to finish the project. It’s all explained in the video below, but here’s the thing to really listen to as you watch it.

Ask yourself how, if you had an amazing idea like this, would you launch your own project? How would you get your message out to the public? What would be the key components you’d want to talk about to get people excited?

Their first sentence says it all:

If you could inspire a future American president would you? Our goal is to inspire children and their parents to always dream big.

Here’s the link to Matthew and Nozomi’s page on Kickstarter.  It’s worth the additional look and who knows, we might all be influencing a “future president”!


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