Weekend Short: Are we having fun yet?


Taken during one of the all day hands-on shooting classes last summer, everybody gets in on the act!

Remember the word “fun”?  It’s why most of you got into this business in the first place.  Somehow, too many people, not just in the photographic industry, but everywhere, lost their “edge”.  We’ve all been so wrapped up in the challenges today we forgot about having fun.

I know this post is going to sound like an infomercial, but this upcoming program has involved hundreds of people who have worked hard to make it as special as its become. Early next week registration for this year’s summer session for SCU in Chicago is going to go live. It’s going to be an amazing program and attendees are going to be working hard, but I can guarantee they’re also going to be having “FUN”.

Why? First, it’s everybody’s attitude. The community itself is all focused on one goal – building a stronger skill set, whether in marketing, technique, lighting, Photoshop – you name it, the bond at a small event like this is amazing.

Second, it’s what this faculty does. Find me another conference where you could actually head home having met and talked with Joe McNally, Clay Blackmore, Michele Celentano, Suzette Allen, Bob and Dawn Davis, Jen Rozenbaum, Justin and Mary Marantz, Michael Corsentino, Adam Sherwin, J.P. Elario, Roberto Valenzuela, Zach and Jody Gray and Bob Coates.

Then there is the environment itself. We’re going to pretty much own the hotel for the most of the conference. No lines to stand in. No worrying about getting a seat at an program. Most important of all, if you do have a problem there’s a bunch of us easy to find to help fix it.

Last on the list is how involved the attendees themselves have been helping to build this conference to what it is today. Over the last four summers we’ve taken the feedback from each attendee and tried to incorporate as many suggestions as possible. And now we’ve got the “Student Council” helping to drive every program in the right direction.

In numerous posts I’ve talked about the importance of attending as many conferences as you can afford.  Well, here’s one on the list I hope you can attend.   The price is right, the location is outside Chicago and the line up of talent to help you find new ways to put “fun” back in your vocabulary is amazing.  

Oh yeah, fun also comes out of building a stronger business! Money isn’t everything, but thriving trumps just surviving! 


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