Weekend Shorts: It’s All About the Friendships



Tamara Young, Scott Bourne, Kate Pease, Ara Roselani, Clay Blackmore, Skip Cohen and Sheila Cohen taken by Michael Jordan, but with Kate’s camera! LOL

by Skip Cohen

This is the time of year when one of my favorite quotes comes into play and it’s all about friendship. 

Think back to any convention you’ve attended this year. The best part of any good show is always the time you get to build your network. If you did it right last week, during WPPI and the first SCU event of the year, you worked in time with good friends. You talked about the challenges of the industry, your common passion to keep raising the bar on the quality of your work. You shared some of the challenges you’ve run into since the last time you saw them.
Most important of all you recharged your battery, because it’s that positive energy that keeps us going.

And that brings me full circle to something I’ve been saying for years, “The best part of being in this industry has nothing to do with photography, but the friendships that come out of everyone’s mutual love for the craft!”


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